Building Custom Client-side Applications on Netsuite

Are you using NetSuite and you need help building a client-facing app? If so, it’s important to go with an agency that has deep experience integrating with enterprise-scale platforms that almost, but don’t quite fit the business need. We’re experts in building custom experiences on top of existing systems like NetSuite, as well as Workday, […]

How To Get An App For My Business

app development company

Table of Contents Do I need an app for my business? How to make an app for my business? 1. Create a Business Strategy  Define the needs of your business Conduct Competitor and Market Research Pre-Production Marketing  2. Hire App Developers In-house developers Freelancers App development companies Planning and Budgeting  4. Mobile App Development Define […]

How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Recruiting Process?

how is artifical intelligence changing the recruiting process

Table of Contents What is AI recruiting and how does it help recruiters find quality candidates? How is Artificial Intelligence changing the hiring process? 1. Fast Recruitment Process 2. Screen Candidates Efficiently 3. Reduce Bias 4. Better Candidate Experience 5. Find the Best Talent How is Artificial Intelligence changing the role of recruiters and hiring […]

How Do Free Apps Make Money?

how do free apps make money

Table of Contents What is a free app? The Differences Between Free Apps and Paid Apps In-app purchases and Paid apps Free Apps Vs. Paid Apps Free Apps Paid Apps How much do apps make from ads? Paid and Freemium Apps in the Mobile Apps Market Popular App Monetization Strategies How do free apps make […]

How Does Postmates Make Money

how does postmates make money

Table of Contents What is Postmates: How Does  It Work? About Postmates How Does Postmates Work? Working for Postmates Delivering for Postmates How Much Do Delivery Drivers on Postmates Make Per Hour? How to Get Started to Become a Postmates Driver? What is the Postmates Business and Revenue Model? Postmates Funding, Revenue, and Valuation Postmates Income: Sources […]

How Do Apps Like DoorDash Make Money?

how do apps like doordash make money

Table of Contents What is DoorDash? History of DoorDash How does DoorDash work? Features We Love Suggested and Most Popular Items Two-system Rating Live Tracking Competitors in the Delivery Market Uber Eats Grubhub Postmates How do food delivery service apps make money? Restaurant Commissions Service and Delivery Fee Advertisements Subscriptions Extra Services Growth Strategies for […]

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App Like Tinder in 2022?

how much does it cost to build an app like tinder?

Table of Contents What It Takes to Develop Your Own Tinder App Want an iOS app, Android app, or both? Will people have to create profiles? How will people log into the app? How complex is your matching system? What’s your subscription model? How will people pay you for services? What’s your revenue model? What […]

How to Monetize a Mobile App: The Ultimate Guide to App Monetization

app monetization

Creating a mobile app for your business is crucial if you want to interact more with your customers. More business-to-customer interaction means more data being pulled from the app, which can help you come up with new ways to market your brand. But your mobile app can do more than just help you interact with […]

How Much Money Can an App Make?

By Dom & Tom Asking “How much money can my app make?” is, of course, an important stage in designing a responsible business plan (pretty much the other side of the “How much will this cost?” question). But when consumers spent $50 billion on apps in the first half of 2020 alone, you might well […]