Are you using NetSuite and you need help building a client-facing app?

If so, it’s important to go with an agency that has deep experience integrating with enterprise-scale platforms that almost, but don’t quite fit the business need.

We’re experts in building custom experiences on top of existing systems like NetSuite, as well as Workday, Salesforce, and Adobe Experience Manager. We leverage a variety of third-party applications to develop client-facing solutions that alleviate pain points.

Why would your company need a custom client-side application? 

A custom app can help growing businesses:

  • Reduce employee inefficiency by streamlining and automating basic tasks
  • Cut time spent on chasing late payments from clients
  • Manage massive inventories with clarity and efficiency
  • Increase speed of scale to give your business a double-digit lift

A custom-built enterprise tool should look and work like any consumer-facing app or platform, with an ease and level of automation that saves time, reduces angst, and makes everybody more productive.

What is NetSuite?

Oracle’s NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based platform designed to be a one-stop shop for your company’s accounting, order processing, inventory, production, supply chain, and warehouse operations needs.

It’s a very robust platform, offering an infinite amount of customizations you can access, so it can be truly personalized to your business. Netsuite’s dominance in the market also created a very large marketplace for third-party integrations.

One of NetSuite’s biggest advantages is that it’s an established Oracle product with a dedicated support system. That’s true of Salesforce and SAP as well, but Oracle’s support system enables NetSuite to be an exceptionally reliable platform.

A good example of a client-side application? A custom client portal.

NetSuite is a great tool for managing all the data, payments, inventory, and customer management. However, the interface doesn’t always lend itself well to internal business processes.

That’s where Dom & Tom’s deep experience in building custom software can help. 

We build client portals that integrate with NetSuite to reduce complexity, automate core tasks, and make it easy for managers in all kinds of businesses to go in and see their inventory, create condition reports, and request shipping and storage. Also, they can view their billings, pay their invoices, and download documents with ease.

We’ve created many “self-service” enterprise tools that seamlessly connect companies to ERPs like NetSuite and Workday. The client-side applications we’ve built have created enormous efficiency gains and helped businesses scale. Here are some advantages of integrating a custom portal.

What does a custom portal deliver?

Efficiency gains

There are a lot of workarounds a company needs so their account, sales, and fulfillment managers can be focused on where their value really should be. For instance, account managers should spend their time working with clients instead of sending invoices and chasing payments. It’s a very tangible result that we’ve achieved developing portals.

Let’s say 80% of your business can be run on NetSuite, and it runs pretty well, but there’s that 20% that doesn’t quite connect with your business needs. 

Instead of hiring three people just to deal with those workarounds, you could instead spend much less with an agency like Dom & Tom to build a custom interface that will either automate a process or handle some of the lower-priority tasks.

Performance Boosts

We redesigned an app for a client with around 60,000 items in its collection. Their preexisting client portal wasn’t able to show their full inventory, so we developed an inventory management system that synchronized all the items into a database and made them available in the client portal.

That custom database resulted in a huge performance boost since the synchronization is near real-time. Whenever there are any changes to items – where they’re located, their photographs, their titles – real-time synchronization quickly conveys those changes for all to see after it’s done in the ERP.

Faster scaling

A custom client portal can help businesses scale faster. We’ve worked with clients who’ve opened up multiple locations and hired judiciously without the need for full teams in each location. 

They expanded their businesses faster, and new client signups increased since this platform is a major differentiator in their space. Our tech solutions helped drive that.

Better payment collection

Once you completely automate collections managed through a custom portal, on-time payments will increase. NetSuite features a lot of automation that takes the load off the front end and transfers it to the back end. We can make that process incredibly easy.

Removal of guesswork

A custom solution can remove a lot of the guesswork out of managing and processing orders and requests. It also shifts the load on the technology side. 

Say, for example, an account manager requests a sales order, and that sales order affects different entities within NetSuite. Instead of having the front-end or client-facing app be the one that actually runs that operation, a custom script can make that sales order happen on the backend in real-time.

Cleaner communication and tighter security

No more email chains, no more chasing paper, no more confusion. A custom portal provides a secure space for employees to share and track information, and engage with customers quickly. All documents and transaction histories can be searched and summoned in seconds.

Do you need a custom app for NetSuite?

Dom & Tom takes a holistic approach to each product we build to integrate with NetSuite. We analyze all the pros and cons and try to maximize efficiencies, both for our development team and for the client. We also want to make sure you’re not overspending when you don’t have to. 

Are you ready to build a custom application? Contact us today.

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