Our Client

An International Musical Theatre Composer’s Intellectual Licensing Company

The Musical Company is a UK and US-based organization licensing entity responsible for Andrew Lloyd Webber and other musical theatre composer’s intellectual property. TMC’s services include theatrical licensing, music publishing and cast recording.

The Goal

Seamless Software Migration and Back-end and Front-end System Stability.

Prior to the acquisition by Concord Theatrical, the Musical Company needed an update of its front-end and back-end interface. This includes finding inefficiencies in the process and fixing backend defects and issues.

The Musical Company reached out to Dom & Tom to evaluate their current process, identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement, modify their legacy CRM platform, and migrate and integrate to Concord Theatrical’s tools in preparation for the company’s acquisition.

The end goal: improve TMC’s system and to have an efficient migration and seamless integration

Our Plan & Process

The software migration starts with an alignment meeting between Dom & Tom and the US and UK-based team of both TMC and Concord Theatricals.

Dom & Tom coordinated between sales, marketing, and backend operation team members to upgrade and improve the front-end and back-end system. The collaborative environment between Dom & Tom and all process owners allowed for effective, efficient, and seamless integration with Concord Theatricals’ tools.

Dom & Tom conducted a two-phase approach to inheriting and upgrading a legacy system:

  • Auditing and patching the existing identified issues of a heavily modified, complex, and complicated CRM with a quality WordPress experience via advanced custom WordPress plugins.
  • Completing pro-active maintenance and focusing on product optimizations.

After doing research on the existing system and documenting the architecture, the team presented documentation and training on how best to upgrade the system and proposed a plan for improvement. TMC agreed to Dom & Tom’s proposal and implemented the proposed optimization steps.

The Result

A Smooth Easy-To-Use and Well-Integrated Software.

Dom & Tom upgraded the system and provide additional stability to the platform. TMC reported that the software is easier and more efficient to use, greatly improving the productivity of all process-owners. The system is also well-integrated with Concord Theatricals, thereby enhancing users experience.

The client was ecstatic to have a collaborative development team engaged in improving their system and improving their business.

The Musical Company was acquired by Concord Theatricals, and in part, due to the improvements of the system, the seamless integration with Concord Theatrical’s tools, and the overall company business optimization.

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