Our Client

Thinkful, a career accelerator education company, focuses on matching continuing education students with mentors that are industry experts, leading the student to have true one-on-one learning. Thinkful wanted a partner to evaluate their current admissions process and flow by providing them with an on-site Product Owner for 5 weeks.

Our Plan & Process

The Dom & Tom Product Owner spent five weeks on-site immersing themself in the Thinkful culture, processes/procedures of the admissions counselors. They interviewed various team members to best understand all elements of the admissions and placement process. 

The Challenge

The client had two primary challenges: a backlog of applications and a desire to better understand, and ultimately improve, their admissions process. Through conversations with the client, it made sense to incorporate staff augmentation to help the client best inform and advise on a final product solution.


After carefully evaluating their admissions flow, Dom & Tom was able to provide a strategic path forward that will improve their education platform. In follow up to the discovery process, Dom & Tom presented recommendations on how to resolve their flow process. Including:

– Provided strategic consulting into areas of enhancement

– Generated a data model for future product

– Created a proposed feature list for discussion and prioritization for the key stakeholders

– Recommended building a framework for a product that will support the admissions counselors and speed up the admission team

– Produced insights into areas of efficiency

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