Our Client

Swimply enlisted the help of Dom & Tom to create an online platform that connects owners of private pools with people looking to take a swim. This one of a kind application allows users to book a local private pool by the hour.

The Goal

Swimply had the goal of creating a peer to peer pool marketplace for pool sharing that was scalable and approachable for new users. The product is meant to serve those who are looking for a private pool, as well as those who are looking to “rent” out their personal, private pool. Swimply wanted to operate like an Airbnb for pools.

Our Plan & Process

Through the design and development process, the Dom & Tom team worked with Swimply’s founders to identify the target audiences and build two types of users — the Swimmers and the Pool Owners. The users needed the ability to list and find local pools. In addition to scheduling, rejecting, and booking their pool time. Then finally, process payments and showcase reviews.

The decision was to use React Native for the web application, iOS, and Android application. This allowed the team to have an accelerated development period and a speedy deficit resolution process. Additionally, Swimply’s React Native iOS and Android platform and web application were built for scale with Dom & Tom’s DevOps team through AWS.

The Results

Swimply launched in 2019. In March 2020, Swimply was featured on Shark Tank. You can learn more about that episode HERE.

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