Our Client

SurvivorNet brings forth the knowledge of cancer specialists with the goal to become a trusted online hub for crafted content that informs cancer patients and their loved ones. They want to become a dependable resource and source of value and comfort for its users by curating expertly validated information that is relatable, approachable, and provides support for those who need it.

The Goal

The SurvivorNet team was looking for a technology partner to help them create a digital space where they can bring their expertise to users conveniently. They wanted to showcase content that is personalized to cancer patients and guides them through “cancer journeys” – specific information that shapes the content so users feel relevance and assurance in the information that is presented to them.

In order to achieve this goal, SurvivorNet reached out to Dom and Tom to build a website that would host all of their content. The website offers a selection of video and blog content, that is sustained by a network of reputable health professionals, who are dedicated to spreading reliable information and bringing forth power to their community.

Our Plan and Process

SurvivorNet emphasized that it was important that the product be bug-free as it would serve as their business generator, with the hope that it would be launched within a timeframe that met their investor’s expectations. With this in mind, we performed a truncated Discovery process to identify the most important elements of the site needed to launch, planning accordingly to meet their deadline. When the deadline approached, our development and DevOps teams worked to ensure that the product was ready to be launched on time.

The website was built with WordPress, to utilize a trusted platform for both the site and administrative portal. We used the designs provided by the SurvivorNet team and applied them to the Back End and Front End development of the site.


The SurvivorNet site launched successfully and has been used as a resource for thousands of survivors and their loved ones. In 2019, the health website, built by the Dom & Tom team, won a 2019 Webby Award.

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