Our Client

StickText engaged Dom & Tom to bring to life their idea of a custom iMessage application. The objective was to customize messages with different fonts & colors that can be inserted into your messages anywhere within a conversation.

The Goal

StickText wanted to showcase each user’s unique personality through their iMessage experiences. Currently, most messaging platforms lack the ability to reflect originality. By creating stickers with custom fonts, colors, sizes, shapes, and more, users leverage StickText’s capabilities to make an authentic and uniquely personal message.

Our Plan & Process

Dom & Tom worked with StickText to organize the product’s key concepts and possibilities, turning these ideas into the features and functionality needed to implement the project. After completing this discovery process, the Design team ensured a seamless integration into the iMessage platform. This phase included iMessage application wireframes and user interface designs, as well as outlining all platform workflows as reference for engineers to develop the product.

The Development team then incorporated the design into the iMessage application codebase. Following the development, Dom & Tom’s Quality Assurance team tested all components and attributes of the product to ensure that it performed as intended. Finally, the team managed the product’s submission and acceptance into the Apple App Store.

The Results

Since its launch in late 2019, the application has been downloaded by thousands of users and has climbed to #13 in the Kids & Family chart of the App Store, with a five-star rating!

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