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Started in 1944, Seventeen was America’s first magazine geared towards a teenage audience. At first, Seventeen focused on inspiring teenage girls to become model workers and citizens. After its debut, the magazine took a more fashion and romance-oriented approach with its material, while still promoting self­-confidence in young women.

Our Goal

Hearst Communications was in the market for a reliable technology partner to help rethink how digital magazines are published and consumed in the 21st Century. The goal of the project was to increase engagement across multiple platforms and boost magazine subscriptions.

Looking to bring the magazine into the 21st Century, Dom & Tom worked with Hearst to map, design, and build the first iPhone magazine of its kind.

Our Plan &

Collaborating with the Hearst design team, Dom & Tom’s creative team formulated a design that successfully captured the spirit, look, feel, and tradition of Seventeen magazine. To ensure the application’s navigation process was easy to learn, Dom & Tom’s user experience team created app wireframes and mapped out exactly how the application should work for maximum efficiency.

Dom & Tom worked to create an engaging iOS application loaded with content from not only from Hearst’s proprietary CMS, but over two dozen other content sources to feed the content stream to the iOS application.

In addition to the development, Dom & Tom consulted with Hearst on editorial workflow, tagging systems, and created a way to seamlessly transition the maintenance of the app to Hearst’s internal technicians when the project was complete.

The Results

Following the launch of the Seventeen app, the print magazine saw a significant increase in subscriptions and a large spike in audience engagement. Seventeen enjoyed an explosion of social media buzz and new readership, creating new ad revenue streams and channels for its parent company, Hearst Communications, Inc. The Seventeen app has had a direct and immense influence on how Hearst creates magazine apps going forward.

This application was consistently ranked in the top Magazine and Newspaper apps in the App Store.

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