Our Client

Entertainment Company of a Live-Action Superhero Brand.

Saban Entertainment recruited Dom & Tom to redefine the Power Rangers web and mobile experiences.

As one of the largest children’s TV brands in the world, the site needed to be able to handle the demands of large spikes of and growing website traffic whilst accommodating a young audience in a safe environment.

The Goal

Responsive Web Design and Enhanced Web and Mobile Experience

The website and mobile user experience act as an online base for the Power Rangers, featuring games, exclusive video clips, current promotional campaigns for the brand, and more. The new responsive website design needed to be capable of serving a flawless rich media experience (with features such as: html5 games, 1080 video archive, and retina display images across the site) with load times.

As Saban Entertainment launches Power Rangers’ marketing campaigns, such as a new movie trailer, TV series, or video game, the site experiences large spikes in traffic. The frequency with which campaigns are added also required a complex Content Management System (CMS), that would allow the Saban team to easily give the entire site a new look and feel to match the latest marketing campaign.

Our Plan & Design Process

Using best practices and industry standards of a trusted website design agency, the Dom & Tom team of professional web developers and designers created the website to serve rich, high-quality graphics and video, with short load times and responsive mobile interface.

It was important that the Power Rangers website would be accessible to all of their young fans, meaning ADA compliance was a requirement. This led the team to design the website around the use of imagery and with specific colors and fonts throughout the site’s user experience.

With significant spikes of traffic in mind, the Power Rangers website was built on a customized and fully responsive WordPress design setup. The team utilized the latest standards to maintain site and image load times, regardless of the amount of traffic visiting the site. This ability to increase in capacity is also made possible by hosting the site on a scalable AWS architecture.

The Result

A Website Designed for Scalability, Traffic Growth, and Enhanced User Experience

The website launched only six weeks after the Dom & Tom web development team started work. Thanks to the agile approach to this project, the team was built the website with scalability in mind and a powerful content management system (CMS) that enables Saban to easily re-skin the website to be adapted for new promotions.

See the site in action here: www.powerrangers.com

Dom & Tom worked with Saban Entertainment to re-imagine the Power Rangers web and mobile user experience. Taking on the project, we built a future-focused responsive website capable of serving a flawless rich media experience. Fully scalable, and able to visually morph for each new marketing campaign. The site focused on promoting new initiatives in an impactful way and was also able to handle large spikes of traffic as a new movie, TV series or video game launched.

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