Our Client

Port Medical Management services the needs of ships and seafaring workers in American ports, offering priority appointments, expedited diagnosis and treatment, and simplified and transparent billing. SeaScan is a collaborative venture between Port Medical Management and GAC North America – Shipping, responsible for crew changes across the U.S.

Our Goal

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the shipping industry faced an unprecedented challenge as most countries and airlines began enforcing mandatory COVID-19 testing for all travelers. 

Ship owners and agents quickly discovered the logistical difficulties of testing on-signing and off-signing crewmembers. The clock is always running in maritime transport, so balancing lab costs, privacy issues, and timely crew changes presented distinct challenges. 

Port Medical Management was uniquely positioned to provide rapid PCR and antigen testing in all U.S. ports, and engaged Dom & Tom to address this goal efficiently and cost-effectively via a mobile device.


Our Plans and Process

Collaborating rapidly through an agile process, we prioritized features that allow crew members to test themselves and report results via the app. Security is a major priority, so we developed a 3-step verification system. The HIPAA-compliant app:

  • Aggregates all of the necessary paperwork required for shipowners
  • Maintains digital records for shipowners and crew members
  • Automates any necessary third-party reporting

This app empowers crew members to self-administer COVID-19 tests from any location, providing expedited results upon verification by a Port Medical team member. The UX is frictionless, directing users to video themselves taking the test and photographing the results.


The seamless app experience reduces the cost of testing by 95% and the testing process timing from a half-day to less than one hour.

Working closely with Port Medical Management, we designed the app to ensure safety against the COVID-19 virus for vulnerable populations, offer ease and efficiency during an uncertain time, and support exacting compliance with essential medical systems and the people and businesses who rely on them.


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