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OU Bound

Like every institute of higher learning, the University of Oklahoma is dedicated to providing the best education to its students. 

The administration and faculty of the University of Oklahoma are firmly dedicated to enhancing students’ experience and overall level of engagement. They actively seek to shape the future of education through the use of cutting-edge technology. 

The primary vehicles for this enrichment are digital resources and tools such as iTunes U, interactive Janux courses, the One University Store, and with the unique insight and service of Dom & Tom the OU Bound app. 


Create an innovative and simplified experience for incoming OU freshmen to easily manage all upcoming events, deadlines, and tasks from admission to the first day of class. 

Route 92, a consulting firm that works closely with the University of Oklahoma, approached Dom & Tom to design and implement this custom mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. 

From concept and design to development and testing Dom & Tom was there every step of the way. 

Dom & Tom reps met with OU staff to gather a complete understanding of the design objectives, then collaborated with the university in great detail as the project progressed. Our representatives proposed wireframes and conducted an extensive brand brief. 

Once planning was complete, mock­-ups were created and, once approved, concrete design elements such as colors, symbols, and icons were introduced.


  • Web Development using Ionic

After receiving approval on the concept, Dom & Tom designers built out a fully-­functional application for iOS, Android and Web platforms using the Ionic Framework built on Cordova.

  • User Experience Design

Through diligent, in-depth market research, the Dom & Tom team created a sleek, user-­friendly experience unique to OU. 

This understanding of comparable applications gave Dom & Tom the insight to craft a useful application for OU students.

  • Visual Design

The Dom & Tom team worked from the ground up to craft a visual aesthetic that reflects the style, heritage, and identity of the University of Oklahoma.

  • Backend Development

The OU Bound application’s functionality was meticulously designed, constructed, and tested from start to finish with exhaustive attention to detail at every step. 


I really can’t think of any way in which they [Dom & Tom] haven’t been responsive to our needs. They have been very accommodating and a great company to work with.” 

– Tim Flood, owner, Route 92 Consulting, Inc. 

According to the client, Dom & Tom’s team was instrumental to the success of OU achieving their goals and developmental priorities in the form of a custom mobile solutions. 

Dom & Tom’s staff received considerable praise for the creative approach, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence brought to this project. 

" They did some fantastic work. We were excited to be able to say that we worked with Dom & Tom – this creative development agency. Their name seems to carry some serious weight."

– Brandt Smith, Web Marketing Manager for the University of Oklahoma

We are now a trusted partner with the University of Oklahoma and have undertaken the development of two (2) more applications for the school, in addition to ongoing maintenance for the OU Bound application.

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