Our Client:

OnCall Discovery is a startup that seeks to evolve the current digital landscape in legal technologies with a hub for all things e-

Discovery, which alone encompassed a $6 billion market in 2016. As provider options in the space grow, the e-Discovery market is expected to nearly double by 2023. With the growing market, it is creating vast, and potentially overwhelming options for legal firms to assess.


The Goal:

OnCall tasked Dom & Tom with validating their concept for a streamlined, unique new web application. With the number of litigation cases continuing to increase, firms are continually seeking the right e-Discovery technology provider to assist in lowering their operating costs and maintaining compliance with their electronic records collection.

OnCall Discovery identified a market opportunity for streamlining the provider selection process for e-Discovery solutions. The web application will provide transparent information and ratings on e-Discovery and other legal technology providers, including reviews and recommendations from other legal firms.

By providing this information for legal firms to assess upfront, the time-consuming process of contacting and demoing with a wide pool of providers will become a more refined search. Additionally, the platform can be leveraged by e-Discovery providers to raise their visibility with potential users.

Our Plan & Process

Dom & Tom took existing mockups and product documentation and built upon the initial plan through a series of working sessions, and developed an InVision prototype. The prototype was tested through guided user testing with potential users representing both e-Discovery service providers, as well as end-users at legal firms who would benefit from the new streamlined process.
After the prototype was tested with real users, the feedback was incorporated and further design sessions conducted to produce the final design production assets. Dom & Tom worked with OnCall to establish the detailed MVP features & functionality document and then produced technical specifications to prepare the application for development.
The application was developed on top of the Laravel and React frameworks, leveraging Laravel’s GraphQL API and Nova CMS for admin functionality. A number of third-party integrations were also implemented, including: LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Mailgun and Stripe.



The Results:

The application was launched in early 2020, with a formal rollout by the founders of OnCall Discovery at Legaltech 2020 – the largest legal technology event in the country, to promote its capabilities. Dom & Tom continues to maintain and continuously improve the product as it grows.


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