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LISA is the platform that gives you the personal services you want – where, when, and how you want them at a price that suits you. Whether it’s getting your nails done within the hour, having a quick shave before an office presentation, indulging in a massage after the game, or hosting an at-home girl’s night complete with hair and makeup styling, LISA connects you to independent licensed and certified artists who provide high-quality beauty services where and when you need them.

The Goal

LISA contacted Dom & Tom with their goal to create an application where people can search for the personal services they desire, at a price they want. With this app, users can make on-demand, real-time appointments — from reservation to payment — with beauty professionals, including masseuses, hair and makeup artists, manicurists, and more, wherever they want, for a price that fits their budget.

Our Plan & Process

When planning the design of the LISA app, the Dom & Tom team considered features that users would find valuable in order to ensure that their experiences are customizable as possible. This allows both the clients and service providers, or artists, to have confidence in making choices that benefit their personal beauty decisions.
This is the foundation that makes the LISA app. As an on-demand beauty services application, a personalized where, when, and how you want it approach is paramount to the user, allowing them to create their own opportunities for a successful experience. The following features included in the app will enhance this considerably:

For the clients, they are able to:
Request a hair, facial, makeup, massage, or nail service from licensed and certified professionals:
– Select whether you want the service at home or somewhere else convenient
– Request an appointment now or schedule for later
– Cashless payments and tips
– Read reviews and rate your experience
– Provides a free third-party security monitoring app for one year after your first use

For the service providers, or artists, they are able to:
– Schedule appointments
– Merge calendars
– Set prices
– Provide services at home or away
– Professional liability insurance included when you provide a service with the app
– Free third-party security monitoring app available for one year when you register

The Results

When the LISA app debuted in the Apple store, it quickly received over 200,000 reviews with an average of 4+ star ratings.

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