Our Client

Life Teen, a Catholic Youth Ministry Resources company, delivers programming to youth ministry programs around the world. As a Eucharist-centered movement within the Roman Catholic Church, Life Teen leads teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. Additionally, as an educational organization, they provide Youth Ministers the resources they need to become certified and lead their own parishes.

The Goal

Life Teen operated on a completely paper platform to deliver their resources, books, and digital files to subscribers. For communication, they utilize email, phone calls or traditional mail. The goal of the application build is to develop a digital platform to deliver all of the information and communicate with one another.

They believed that an application can cut down cost, time and paper when reaching their youth pastors. The ultimate goal is to streamline their communication and have more meaningful interactions from an administrator to a youth pastor. Dom & Tom was approached with the goal of moving these processes to a digital-based platform.

Our Plan & Process

Dom & Tom began work with Identify target users and early adopters through user interviews. The decision was made to focus on four personas: Youth Ministers, Core Members, Parents, and Teens.

Based on the user interviews and identifying the features month important to the target audiences, the project was broken into two main parts: a Web Portal and a Mobile Application.

The web-based portion functions as an admin panel and dashboard, allowing Life Teen to plan, schedule, and build the curriculum. This also allows administrators to download resources, send notifications, and communicate with specific planning teams. The mobile app portion is used to consume content that is specific to the students and parents.

The product ecosystem was created with Web and React Native Mobile.

The Results

After launching the products in early 2019, Dom & Tom has continued to maintain and build additional features for the products, leading to their long term success. In 2019, Life Teen surpassed the yearly goal of subscribing parishes by 30%.

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