​General Electric

Intelligent Platforms

GE Intelligent Platforms provides customers across a range of fields and markets with industrial software, control systems, and embedded computing platforms. 

The intent is to give users the ability to connect their machines, data, insights, and people across the world to optimize their assets, operations, and output. 


Construct and implement an intuitive animated front end that allows users to easily visualize changes in data, then help sell the software to GE’s C­Suite Executives. 

General Electric needed an eloquent way to display their predictive analytics software and real-­time data. 

The purpose of this software was to help the GE sales team illustrate their services in a manner the consumer could easily understand and respond to. 

GE approached Dom & Tom with the opportunity to develop a web application which would facilitate the aggregation and consumption of data relating to GE’s industrial equipment around the world. 

Dom & Tom’s development teams worked alongside GE to conceptualize, construct, and implement an intuitive, animated front-­end, designed to display necessary information in a graphical form. 

Following the completing of the V1 software, Dom & Tom helped the GE team sell its value to the C­Suite executives at General Electric.


  • Web & Mobile Development

Dom & Tom’s technical development staff created a highly stylized display of the Earth, complete with the ability to explore data in a 3D environment and sort that data with a number of intuitive commands.

  • User Experience Design

Working closely with General Electric, the Dom & Tom UX team planned out common use cases and developed workflows for the web app.

  • Visual Design

The Dom & Tom team took creative mock­ups provided by GE and used them as a starting point to design the site.

  • Backend Development

The Dom & Tom development team meticulously designed, constructed, and tested backend processes for reading General Electric’s API and displaying the information in a way that was easy to read and understand. 


Version 1.0 of the interactive mapping and dynamic data visualization platform was developed as part of a larger software initiative. 

GE showcased V1 at their Annual Meeting to a very warm reception. It has since become a core tool to showcase their business.

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