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Founded in 1914, Fitch Ratings offers members proprietary market ­based content, ratings, research, and financial data through a variety of flexible platforms. 


Provide a mobile platform for distributing Fitch Rating’s proprietary content to its user community in order to better enable user engagement. 

As one of the world’s top credit rating assignment companies, Fitch Ratings places a high priority on accessibility and engagement. 

Looking to give users a way to access their content in a modern way, Fitch sought to launch the first official Fitch Ratings iPad app. 

The challenge put forth to Dom & Tom was to create an honest, unassuming, but highly functional application to cater to Fitch’s thousands of subscribers in the financial field. 

Key members of the Dom & Tom team worked with representatives from Fitch Solutions, prototyping the app and its features and guiding Fitch’s team through the prioritizing of the most necessary features to realize the app as successfully as possible. 


  • Prototyping

Dom & Tom’s team worked hand ­in­ hand with Fitch’s to create a working prototype used to test the iPad concept with early adopters.

  • User Experience

To ensure that the navigation of the application was as intuitive and easy to learn as possible, the Dom & Tom user experience team created app wireframes and mapped out precisely how the finished application should ideally function.

  • User Interface Design

Building on the work of the user experience team, Dom & Tom’s user interface designers created a highly responsive UI for the Fitch app that balanced the modern look of Apple’s mobile operating system with Fitch’s polished, classic aesthetic.

  • iOS Development

After completing the design process, the Dom & Tom mobile development team implemented the required features; including push notifications, asynchronous image loading, and an offline viewing capability.

  • Web Services Consultation

Dom & Tom’s development staff worked closely with Fitch’s backend team to determine what they would need in the app as time progressed and provided a mapping for a future API. 


By the end of this project, Dom & Tom’s technical development team had successfully created an iPad app that put the famed insight of Fitch Ratings right at the fingertips of their user community. 

With online and offline access to ratings actions, headlines, in­-depth research, and each user’s individual portfolio, Fitch Mobile is an invaluable tool for investors, analysts, and those looking to stay up­ to ­date on global credit markets.

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