Building essential OnDemand technology for fuel delivery start-up, EzFill

Dom & Tom built a platform, foundation, technology, and tools to turn a manually-run, fuel delivery start-up into a hyper-growth, IPO-ready technology company.

Our Client

EzFill is a Miami-based mobile fueling company that offers consumers and businesses on-demand fueling services at their locations—no gas station trip is needed. It also provides commercial and specialty customers with at-site delivery during downtimes, ensuring operators can begin daily operations with fueled and ready vehicles. Clients include Amazon, UPS, and FedEx fleets. The company was incorporated in 2019 and trades on the market as EzFill Holdings Inc (EZFL).

Our Goal

EzFill looked to Dom & Tom to build the essential technology needed for their company to go public and scale. Our most critical goal was to build the highest level of trust. As a non-technology company, they would be giving us access to their business at every level, so we could transform it into a technology-first business. They were trusting us with the strategy and rollout of their business.

On a functional level, we wanted to build a platform that would drive EzFill’s business and help them scale. We started with a mobile and web-friendly application. Before the creation of the app, EzFill’s process was manual. Customers had to call to book their delivery. Meanwhile, account managers had to balance schedules with pen and paper. They needed an efficient, automated process that would deftly handle intake and scheduling, thus transforming their business.

Our Plan & Process

Planning started at the highest level. We partnered closely with the EzFill founders and investors to strategize the best ways to design and build their technology based on their business’ unique needs.

The first challenge was that, while there was legacy technology, there was not internal IT support. We set up a process for IT operations, handled documentation, built out the department, and staffed it. When EzFill was ready to transition this work to an internal technical leader, we helped ensure they had what they needed to hit the ground running.

As strategic consultants, we did more than tool upgrades and integration. Yes, we looked at what internal technologies could be improved but more importantly, we aligned with business goals, organized vendors, and managed a team to make sure the digital end of EzFill was taken care of. We fully integrated into their team as one, working in partnership to build the business.

From this partnership, we built a consumer and enterprise mobile app for Google Play Store and Apple App Store that would allow for booking, scheduling, location-based services, and price comparisons—to ensure consumers knew that EzFill was offering premium gas rates below market.

We then launched an admin web application for the back office that makes the in-house admin employees’ lives more straightforward from a bottom-line perspective and minimizes costs for the business as a whole.


When EzFill came to us they were a fuel service company. Our work transformed them into a technology company.

On the consumer side, sales are happening faster, and transactions are up. Their business has seen an overall reduction in the sales cycle that has been essential to its growth.

Using digital as a conduit to move a start-up into the future.

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