Our Client

A Non-Profit Ministry Providing Spiritual Guidance to Men. Exodus 90 is a non-profit ministry focused on providing spiritual exercise to bring Catholic men closer to the church through the support of a fraternity of like-minded men. The program is a 90-day spiritual exercise for men. Exodus provides a path to freedom through prayer, asceticism, and fraternity.

The Goal

A Redesigned Mobile Application To Increase Use and Engagement. As the organization was growing, the Exodus 90 team realized that there were opportunities to provide a better experience for their users using their existing mobile software.

Exodus 90 contacted Dom & Tom to update their MVP (minimum viable product) and further develop a best-in-class mobile application and software that is built upon user feedback and experience.

The objective is to use this application to promote their services and expand the ministry, making it more available and user-friendly to a bigger audience base.

Our Plan & Process

To start the process, it is vital that the team understands not only how the mobile application was at currently, but also to understand Exodus 90’s  target audience and objective.

The Dom & Tom team initially engaged in user interviews, with some of the Dom & Tom team members, going through the Exodus 90, 90-day course.

Armed with the understanding of the product, Dom & Tom built upon the current mobile application to incorporate efficiencies and improvements.

To have a great user interface, Dom & Tom’s team of web and app developers updated the app design. This ensures that the application addresses the objective and need of each user.

Another aspect that has been updated is the speed and smooth flow of the app from the user stand point. The app must be of high performance and must have a fast loading time.

Lastly, as part of the app design and market penetration stategy, the team developed targeted user personas, market expansion strategy, and go-to-market strategy.

The Result

Dom & Tom completed modifications to the current Exodus90 application.

Exodus90 has seen dramatic growth year over year, attributed to the product concept, market applicability, correct penetration strategy, and increased user satisfaction.

To this day, Dom & Tom, in collaboration with the great Exodus 90 leadership team, continues to provide software application maintenance, periodic application audit, and product development.

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