The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences


The Television Academy is a nonprofit trade organization with 20,000+ members across the United States. 

The Academy produces a number of major media events, most notably the “Emmy’s” award show. 


Develop, design, and launch a new website to fill the need of Emmy applicants seeking information on their award eligibility. 

The National Academy had uncovered a need among their prospective Emmy nominees. They found that nominees and previous award ­winners alike both wanted a way to determine whether or not their work would be eligible for Emmy consideration and, in some cases, which regional chapter they needed to apply to. 

The Dom & Tom team met with the National Academy’s technical development staff to devise a way to fulfill this need. 

Shortly thereafter, collaboration began to build a site where, after entering a small amount of relevant information, people working in all aspects of the television industry could find out if their work would be eligible to submit for Emmy recognition. 

Moreover, the site created by the Dom & Tom team would also provide information about applying for Emmy consideration and give users the ability to immediately start the application process. 


  • Web Design & Development

Once the concept for the site was approved, Dom & Tom web designers built out a fully­ functional interface for testing.

  • Backend Development

Dom & Tom is committed to its clients. Developers went to great lengths to ensure that the backend for the site was both reliable and flexible with easy maintenance for Academy technicians.

  • Ideation

The Dom & Tom creative team poured themselves into brainstorming the most versatile methods of implementing the Academy’s intentions for their new website.

  • User Testing

The overarching priority of the Academy was usability. To that end, the Dom & Tom user experience team created wireframes and mapped out the most intuitive ways for the final site to function. 


“I’ve worked with a lot of vendors, and a number of them have been excellent, but I would put Dom & Tom in the top ranks of that group. They were professional, very organized.” 

—Marc Wade, Executive Producer, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 

Following a soft launch in February 2015, the new website received overwhelmingly favorable feedback from test groups and internal stakeholders. 

Dom & Tom received high praise for the development staff’s technical expertise and ability to craft a user­ friendly, intuitive website. 

The client maintains a robust ongoing relationship with Dom & Tom.

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