Our Client

Since 1994, DRI Global (Dynamic Resources) has been a trusted provider of retail services for many of the biggest brands in the world. They specialize in the site survey and installation of store fixtures, graphics, and visual initiatives.

The Goal

Since 2011, Dom & Tom has been providing web development services for Dynamic Resources, on both US-based and European sites. When the time came to build out three new applications – iReact 2.0, PM4 (iReact 1.0), and PMEU (European Market). The goal was to build a proprietary retail management suite that new retail locations could use to measure and estimate things that they need in a new store, providing a faster, more reliable system that will create a more efficient workflow.

Our Plan & Process

The first step in this engagement was gathering an understanding of DRI’s current workflow and where the existing system was falling short. By conducting several rounds of stakeholder interviews and augmenting that data with a company-wide survey, as well as in-depth competitor analysis, established a baseline for the design team.
Our architectural approach was a service-oriented architecture, beginning with API and Database setup, and leveraging the Laravel framework with AngularJS. The front-end look and feel was developed with Bootstrap as a base, and extended to cover custom visualizations as needed.

The Results

Every year DRI completes over 8,500 projects around the globe, working for retailers, wholesale brands, fixture manufacturers, and graphic suppliers. The products were built with the ability to be refined and updated, which is what they continue to do to meet the needs of the business.

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