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Data Visualization Platform

The data visualization platform that Dom & Tom created for their long-standing client is a real-time social analytics tool that helps marketers better monetize social conversations. The social distribution tool takes proprietary data, analyzes it and creates valuable insights. The client can identify groups of like-minded viewers and see what topics they care about and share allowing them to create branded content that resonates with their target audience. The platform is not only interactive but tells a visual story that is easy to understand.


An American media conglomerate approached Dom & Tom with a major initiative; to create the next evolution of how media is purchased and how branded content is distributed across TV, social, and digital. With extremely aggressive deadlines, multiple divisions at the table, and dozens of proprietary and third-party data sources, Dom & Tom tirelessly worked with the client to deliver an interactive, visually stunning and complex data visualization platform, a “first-of-its-kind.”


The client wanted to create a tool that would support brands by taking proprietary data and analyze it to create insights which would allow advertisers to create better-branded content. The client wanted to better track social media performance all in real-time to better support advertising buys.

The platform combines data from their audiences in social, digital, and TV to reveal insights and allows brands to make individual social media interactions better. Groups of like-minded people are created so that brands can see topics, keywords, and interests that these groups care about and in turn, this help brands make better decisions for their social content.


The process began with in-depth discovery sessions, which provided the Dom & Tom team with insight into the daily challenges facing the client. The team then created a number of prototypes and minimum viable product concepts for company-wide buy-in. The Dom & Tom team had to understand over a dozen different large data sets, all while balancing corporate strategy, and ease of use for multiple user personas. This process allowed the team to collect a vast array of media information and discover ways to present the data with a compelling and useful visual narrative. Dom & Tom focused on building a product that would be easy for all of the client's employees to understand, yet would get results.


The Dom & Tom team was able to take complex data components and turn them into an instantly recognizable and visually stunning interactive experience. The data visualization platform has become an incredibly valuable tool for the client and has resulted in over 100 successful campaigns in the first 3 months of launch. It is a transformational tool breaking ground in the media industry.

  • 400+ Campaigns
  • 168 Clients
  • Over 1 Billion Views to Date

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