The original (and most widely imitated) study guide, CliffsNotes are written by real teachers and professors. No matter what you are studying, CliffsNotes has been making it easy for students to pass exams and quizzes since 1958. 


Overhaul and redesign the CliffsNotes website to maximize user experience and interface in order to boost engagement. 

Despite over half a century of success, publisher Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt (HMHco) faced a number of problems with their largest traffic­-generating site, CliffsNotes. 

The site was saddled with a number of poor quality features, ranging from search functionality to readability on mobile devices. 

As a trusted HMHco partner, Dom & Tom was asked to undertake a full website redesign of, and create a fully-responsive site for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 

The Dom & Tom team went into action, meeting with several key stakeholders to determine scope and time requirements for the project. Then, combining the best technical talent from both the HMHco and Dom & Tom development staff into an integrated team, the project was launched. 

Over the course of an intensive 8­ week timetable, Dom & Tom and HMHco worked on a series of release phases, focusing their attention on optimizing the user experience and the overall creative and visual design. 


  • User Experience

In order to ensure that the navigation process of the site was easy for users, the Dom & Tom UX team created wireframes and mapped out exactly how the site should work.

  • Creative and Visual Design

The Dom & Tom design team took mock­ups provided by CliffsNotes and used them as the starting point for the site all­ inclusive site redesign.

  • Front End Web Development

Following the design process, Dom & Tom’s web team created the required features needed to foster a fully ­functional application for users on all platforms. 


Emphasizing a mobile­-focused approach, Dom & Tom’s technical staff cleaned up the navigation of the CliffsNotes site, creating a pleasant, responsive reading experience for all users. 

The team also set into place an optimized ad strategy that successfully lowered bounce rate and increased the overall amount of time users spent on the site, driving further e-commerce revenue for HMHco in the process.

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