The Client

The American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC (AST) is a full-service, tech-enabled professional services firm that helps companies and shareholders across North America maintain momentum through the use of secure corporate data, analytics, advisory services, and a strategic approach to every interaction.

The Goal

In 2016, AST embarked on a major website overhaul to consolidate their websites into one central hub for their clients. Design and development were already well underway with two other agencies. AST was concerned that the engineering teams were not consistent in their execution of tasks, and that the project was suffering as a result.

In 2017, AST along with one of the two agencies approached Dom & Tom to take over development with the goal to create a detailed project plan and deliver flawless code that would meet their aggressive fixed deadline.

The two goals of the engagement are to bridge the gap between the American (AST) and Canadian (CST) websites and create a more streamlined login experience for both clients and individual users.

Plan & Process

We began the project with a thorough site audit focusing on the engineering side, as well as the user experience and design. For the most part, the UX and designs were effective, Dom & Tom added missing annotations and functional specifications to improve the UX and UI.

AST had a fixed deadline they needed to meet for a previous launch commitment. To move quickly and efficiently, Dom & Tom created a detailed project plan and an accelerated schedule to ensure that deadlines were met and that an excellent product was delivered.

After an extensive technical audit of AST’s frontend codebase, CMS, and their APIs, Dom & Tom strategically devised a plan to refactor much of the code, frontend, and backend .NET for thousands of pages.


The new AST Financial website launched in Sept. 2017 to both positive internal and external response.

With an update to the login experience, which includes all options on one comprehensive, easy-to-follow view, users can now easily access their correct portal with reduced clicks. A more consistent experience lead the AST Financial website to better overall retention on the website and higher engagement from their users.

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