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As your digital product agency partner, Dom & Tom becomes an integral part of your team to help progress your digital initiatives and drive real results. We apply a user-centered design approach and are passionate about building better digital product experiences for real people. The Dom & Tom family takes pride in offering top engineering, innovative user experience & creative product strategy, and strong project management to ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery.

The Product Design Process at Dom & Tom

A well-crafted product starts with finding the right balance of business objectives, technological needs & approaches, and value to the end-user. Finding that balance and satisfying all three simultaneously is the key to a successful and useful digital product. We begin by working with your team to align the problem, business requirements, and strategic vision. We conduct a thorough assessment of the current landscape to identify both analogs and beacons. We develop a detailed plan laying out the project timetables, dependencies, and risks in this stage.


We then validate our assumptions by speaking with and empathizing with users in the discovery phase. The user experience design team will provide research, with documentation that could include the following:

  • user research
  • competitor analysis
  • usability testing
  • diagrams

The visual design team will research and explore visual strategies and provide you with the following:

  • mood boards
  • inspiration for your product that aligns with your brand

The technical team will research all third-party integrations. Our tech team will provide you with:

  • a timeline for the product
  • scaffolding

We conclude with aligning in a direction that provides a technical solution that aligns business requirements and user’s needs and formalizes product features with a product roadmap. The discovery phase sets the foundation for UX and design.

User Experience & Product Design
Following the completion of the discovery and product strategy phases, we will move into design production. The product design phase will begin with wireframing, prototyping, and user testing those prototypes.

Wireframes are the blueprints for the application and focus on functionality and flow. We design in low fidelity wireframes first, ensuring that we can quickly iterate on rounds of revisions. Once wireframes are validated, we then conduct usability testing rounds before production design to verify a direction before proceeding to the next stage.

We may begin applying look & feel for additional user testing. This will allow us to direct the user’s feedback to visual treatment, rather than only functionality. Once users confirm the look & feel, the team will apply brand look & feel options such as colors, imagery, and iconography to key wireframe flows. The visual design team will create multiple directions for the app, allowing the client to choose their visual direction.

All designs are then created and then translated into a Functional Specification for Development. Dom & Tom offers a Functional Specifications Document. The document is first crafted after approval of the wireframes but before proceeding to design production. This document outlines the details of the functionality – which the development team will refer to when building the application.

After the discovery & design phases – we have the following turn-key deliverables for the development phase:

  • the strategy document
  • a product brief
  • in-depth user research
  • full designs
  • complete documentation

The Development Phase

Once designs are completed, and functional specifications are documented, we will begin development & testing. This phase is conducted as a series of sprint reviews. There is continuous communication between our team and yours to ensure every detail is covered. Within this agile methodology, we will collaborate closely with you and show progress often and build one component at a time.

We work and test the codebase of the website or application hosted on source-code versioning platforms. Our quality assurance (QA) testing occurs throughout to ensure all components perform their intended function correctly, testing for compatibility with different browsers and different operating systems. Our quality assurance team works overnight to test the app on many devices and look for any possible bugs. Our development team can fix any bugs before the product is launched into the market. Bug fixing and feature development co-occur, providing improved stability and a fully working product during each sprint.

The Deployment Phase

Once the product is developed and bug-free, the product is ready for deployment. Our team goes through the following stages:

  1. Deployment to Production – Our DevOps team will deploy the staging environment to production, making the web application or website live to the public.
  2. App Store Submission – Our mobile team leads will assist with deploying the apps to iTunes and Google Play stores, ensuring that the app is accessible to the public and launched with no issues.

DevOps Support/Post Launch Support

We offer a range of post-launch and DevOps support options to ensure your product runs smoothly and continuously stays optimized. We also offer ongoing server management and proactive monitoring of servers to ensure uptime and maintain security standards.

We offer three different DevOps/Post Launch Support Options

Application Maintenance – Our ongoing maintenance is performed on a retained basis. This ensures dedicated resources that are at the ready to analyze, resolve, and respond to issues.

Retained Team for Product Updates – Our team will monitor and measure app performance and produce product recommendations insights.

Managed Hosting & DevOps (Cloud Infrastructure Support & Management) – Our DevOps teams build, manage, maintain, and host much of the infrastructure within our portfolio. Our DevOps SLAs are based on guaranteed hours per month and proactive monitoring & reporting needs.

Work With Us

Here at Dom & Tom, we’re focused on the future, prepared to act as your long-term partner as you deliver a compelling product that your users can count on. Our Product Design team will shepherd your product from start to finish. From defining your business problem to post-launch application support, we are there every step of the way.

Being innovative and modern, we’re a team you can turn to when you need to create competitive products for today’s fast-paced world. Schedule a consultation with one of our strategies, and let’s get started getting your amazing product out on the market for your users.

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