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In a world that seems to be becoming progressively more digital from moment to moment, creating mobile apps has become a vital component of maintaining a successful business. While they are often used as a method of entertainment for consumers, businesses can create mobile apps to help them track consumer behaviors, market services, and drive sales. Therefore, a well-built app can be a game-changer for businesses of all kinds. If you are here, you are likely already interested in creating an iOS app of your own. Entrusting this process with our team of experts here at Dom and Tom can be a very important step on your road to success and longevity.

Benefits of Creating Your Own iOS App

In addition to allowing you to create a more successful business and boost sales, creating your own iOS app can provide everything from cutting-edge startups to Fortune 500 juggernauts with the following benefits:

  • Raise brand awareness: Given that 204 billion apps were downloaded in 2019 alone, creating an app for your company can be a great method of raising brand awareness. Your app will allow you to immediately have your business marketed to billions of people across the globe.
  • Direct marketing: Additionally, creating your own iOS app will allow you to easily market to millions of people directly through their mobile networks. This means you will be able to send promotions, coupons, and notifications that encourage users to purchase things and otherwise interact with your brand.
  • Become more trusted in your sector: Having a well-built and informative app can also help to establish you as a trusted source within your sector. By providing users with information, resources, and other tidbits in relation to your sector, you will become more reputable and trusted among your consumers as well as other businesses and business owners.

The Future of the Digital Realm

Our strategy involves the collaboration of businesses, their stakeholders, and our seasoned team of technical experts, empowering businesses and brands to take control of their digital footprint. We understand that all products need to generate revenue in order to be successful. We don’t just create your product; we also develop strategies for every phase of the product development life cycle. Rather than taking a backseat or simply following the trends being set by other businesses, creating an app with Dom & Tom will put you in the driver’s seat in terms of the future of your business.

Expert Product Design

Our method of product design is simple: We play well with others to create products that are effective, useful, and stand the test of time. Organizing customized, world-class teams for each and every app we create, our sole goal is to collaborate with your business to create best-in-class applications. No matter if you need a standalone team to build an app that can help take your business to the next level or if you are seeking an extra pod to help you accelerate your launch speed, we’re here to be your partner in the process, from beginning to end. With the help of our user-centered design approach, we create premium products to connect with a wide variety of consumers and target audiences. We also provide the following features:

  • UX design: As far as incorporating UX design is concerned, we integrate empathy, user flows, usability, and engagement.
  • Visual design: With a dynamic understanding of visual design, our team goes above and beyond to incorporate the perfect color, shapes, typography, and form that help boost the user experience and engagement.
  • Prototyping: Since one must interact with the intended context in order to effectively evaluate a new design, we make prototyping a major part of our design process. By considering the audience to determine how guided the presentation needs to be, we use prototyping to establish the level of productivity and interactivity your app needs to have.
  • Content design: It’s no secret that things such as language and imagery are incredibly important in terms of how users navigate and perceive your digital products. This is why we also include content design as an intricate part of our design process. In short, we build a strategy during our discovery phase and continue to reiterate it throughout the design process.
  • User testing: Here at Dom & Tom, we are very passionate about building better brand experiences for real people. This is the reason why we continue to employ a user-centered approach to the development of our digital products. We bring in people to help test and assess our products as much as possible to help us better develop our already highly effective product strategies.

Dynamic Development

At Dom & Tom, we believe in using a fundamental approach to build premium-quality products. Quality work = Team + Process + Tools + Values is our proven formula. Given that we maintain that quality code comes from peer review and processes fueled by a profound understanding of “why” we’re building the product, we foster an environment that allows for local IDEs in collaboration with DevOps to help manage both Continuous Integration and Development. We use Gitflow to manage our codes, Slack to handle all communications in real-time, and Teamwork for project management, making the entire process as interactive and modern as possible.

Work With Dom & Tom

Whether your goals are to kickstart your startup or modernize your legacy platform, we are here to facilitate the entire process. Unlock your true potential as a company and create innovative solutions that your customers will come to crave. We can partner with and help support your technical, data science, and marketing teams, to ensure that accurate and quality metrics are collected as a means of facilitating data-driven insights.

Our team of seasoned experts has years of experience with an array of large-scale systems, as well as a variety of services. While we have many goals in terms of helping businesses create products that make them a stronger brand, if we had to choose just one, it would be to create an app that turns out far greater than you imagined.

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