Augmented Reality

Immersive technology is transforming the way that businesses interact with customers today. By understanding the enormous capabilities that augmented reality (AR) has to offer, you may even be able to use it in your own business to increase customer satisfaction and even cut costs.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a technology that adds layers of digital information into our real-world environment. Unlike virtual reality (VR), AR doesn’t create an artificial environment to replace what we see with one that’s virtual. AR superimposes images, sounds, and text onto the world we see.

AR was first rolled out in 1990 and used commercially in television and by the military. However, with the growth of the internet and the common use of smartphones, a second wave was rolled out. Today, apps allow users to project images directly onto physical things, impacting our social life, habits, and the entertainment industry.

How Does Augmented Reality Work?

The basic premise of AR is that it superimposes images, audio, and other sensory elements into a real environment in real-time. While this may sound relatively simple, the technology that AR uses is far more advanced than anything you’ve seen on television broadcasts. While some television effects have come close, they can only display images for one point of view. AR today can display graphics for the perspective of each user.

Next-generation AR shows relevant content to each user by using computer vision, mapping, localization, and depth tracking, where the sensor calculates the distance to different objects. The camera — often a simple smartphone — collects, sends, and processes the data to show digital content that’s relevant to what the user’s looking at.

While your mind may immediately go to the craze of the Pokemon Go game a few years ago, AR has more to offer than just smartphone fun. The technology has many more serious uses, from military warfare to medicine to business.

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New and innovative uses for augmented reality are being discovered every day, and more and more businesses are using it to enhance their business and create a better experience for customers. If you’re interested in adding AR to your business or would like to explore ways you could use it, contact Dom & Tom today.

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