By Alice Fountain, PR & Content Manager

It’s time for our first annual round-up of the winners of our monthly “Do Good. Be Good. Awards.” This past year our winners have given back to over 20 charities and supported many worthy causes including Children’s Hospital of Chicago, National Stroke Association, Dress for Success, Kuza Project, William Mae Rock Camp for Girls and more.

Each month we look forward to celebrating our fellow team members and giving back to our communities and the causes we are so passionate about.

The Meaning of “Do Good. Be Good.”


“Do Good. Be Good.” It’s not just a saying. It’s a way of life here at Dom & Tom. It is the cornerstone of our core values and the motto we live by in the work we do and in our everyday life. We genuinely believe that to do good work you have to be good people. We believe in putting forth your best effort and that taking pride in producing quality results is vital. We believe that business IS personal and you must treat your co-workers, client, family, and friends with honesty and compassion. We succeed best when we succeed together.

The “Do Good. Be Good. Awards”

As a digital product development agency, we have the unique opportunity to work on multiple projects with different team members each year, sometimes each month or even each week. Our team members are great at sharing their feedback, singing praises, saying thanks and giving virtual high-fives. But Dom and Tom wanted to find a unique way to show appreciation for colleagues at the company. What initially started as a version of an employee of the month recognition has morphed into what we now call our “DGBG Awards.”

Each month two employees get to nominate another two employees for the DGBG Award. The two winners are announced at our company-wide monthly town hall meeting. The previous month’s winner gets to share their reason for the nomination, and the winner gets to give a little thank you speech. Not only do the winners get a fun trophy to keep and boast about for the month but they also get to make a $100 donation from the company to the charity of their choice in their name.

Our 2017 Winners!

Congrats to all of our 2017 winners! You rock, and we are ecstatic for all of the charities that got a little love from you all! Keep Doing Good (work) and Being Good (people)! We look forward to continuing the tradition for years to come.

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