At Dom & Tom, we love keeping an eye on our clients and showcasing their success! On March 13th, our friends at Swimply were showcased on Shark Tank. 

Swimply is an online platform that connects owners of private pools with people looking to take a swim. Users are able to book local pools hourly via their innovative application. Think Airbnb for pools. 

Dom & Tom CEO and CTO, Dom Tancredi said, “A peer-to-peer marketplace is always a fun design and development system challenge. No pressure. We nailed it by using the right technology (React / React Native / AWS Services / custom framework) and the right partner are the secret sauce. Swimply is really swimming along!”

While they didn’t secure an investor, we are certain this is just the start for Swimply! Congrats Swimply!

Watch the highlights here or check out Swimply today!

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