Just when you thought it was safe. Confidence is surging, and the legal and financial anarchy of the last 18 months is seen as growing pains (propelled by adolescents). Major financial firms are bullish, and there are new players looking to lead the industry.

Naturally, Bitcoin will reach $100k by EOY ’24. Also, get ready for the rise of F(NF)T’s: fungible non-fungible tokens.

Begun, the AI Wars Have

AI will NOT have Artificial General Intelligence by ’24, however, we will see regulation in the AI space now that Gemini Pro/Ultra is giving ChatGPT a run for its money (though some remain unsatisfied).

Also, ChatGPT 5 will emerge, and scale issues will cause Microsoft to take a stronger hand on servers (and interestingly a total rethink of the water management needed to cool them down).

One of the LC/NC’s (Low Code/No Code) Will Become a “thing”

We’ll see a lot more public case studies of small-scale success stories from, Kissflow, Bubble, Appsmith, and more. Touted as magic solutions for years, LC/NC is having another moment. BUT, they will not scale. Adobe will acquire and host one as a competitor (e.g. FlutterFlow).

Rise of the Higher-order Coders

We’re going to see a new group of “AI-Coders” who partner with Copilot and others to become higher-order coders. Expect to see more Linters, library packages, etc. to supercharge an integrated development environment to increase code quality.

Apple Vision Pro Will Have Lackluster Sales (Pricing) Next Year

The app store for it will be scant, but nature abhors a vacuum, so there will be a breakout hit. Apple is quadrupling down on the headset, and the full weight of the company’s market power will push it out there. It’s apparently still making design changes, which is pretty late in the game if they want to hit the release date.

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