IT Firms a globally recognized, independent research and review firm recently released their 2018 reports listing top development companies to hire. As one of the most trusted and empowering research platforms, IT Firms ranks the top development companies worldwide to help businesses, enterprises, and startups who are trying to find the best design and development partners.

IT Firms method of collecting data and reviews on hundreds of tech companies across the globe solves a two-way problem. Their research helps buyers of professional IT services find the best companies that meet specific requirements and helps leading software and services agencies to stand out from a multitude of run-of-the-mill developers.

Dom & Tom is included on 4 of the 2018 report:

Top Mobile App Development Companies and Developers to Hire in 2018
Top iPhone App Development Companies and Developers for Hire
Top Android App Development Companies & Developers to Hire in 2018
Top Web Design Companies & UX/UI Designers 2018

With over 10 years of experience in critically conveying performance scores and appointing ranks based on proven criteria and evaluation techniques, IT Firms has been acknowledged as one of the most authentic IT business research platforms that is trusted and followed by businesses worldwide.

Thank you IT Firms for recognizing Dom & Tom as a top development company in multiple categories.

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