Who will be the AI winners?

The AI winners will be the ones who adopt the technology early, master it, and build some skill and experience with it. Resisting as long as possible and building up artificial barriers is a recipe for disaster, because we’re not going backwards. 

If anything, we’re going to be more critical than we are now regarding the quality of the product. People criticize things like CGI films all the time. How good was the CGI? Was it overdone? Was it underdone?

We’ll say the same thing about ChatGPT. How much time and money is it saving? Is it creating valuable content? Is it helping people?

Dive deeper into business process automation

Want to incorporate AI into your products and processes, but not sure where to start? Think about implementing an AI-powered chatbot on your website.

What’s interesting now is that AI implementation isn’t some technically insurmountable, cost-prohibitive task. With a knowledgeable data and development team you can start evolving your digital experience now.

AI-powered chatbots

Instead of having a static FAQ or static Contact Us page, you can have an interactive bot that provides any and all information that you want to know about the company. Frequently asked questions, terms and conditions, or company leadership are perfect examples.

A chatbot should be able to provide that data much more quickly and efficiently versus clicking around to find a page or scrolling down to find an article. Instead of a static website, you could have a homepage with a chatbot at a fraction of the cost, requiring little maintenance and easy to update on the backend. 

A chatbot could communicate in multiple languages if needed, automatically translating queries in real-time and removing the need for a separate service to do language translation for you.

Internal AI tools

With AI you either have to have very good data, or you have to have a good vision for how you want AI to respond to your users. If your users are internal team members or back office staff, AI presents a great opportunity as a productivity and utility tool in their day-to-day activities.

For instance, we implemented complex automation and orchestration for manufacturing giant Valmont, solving real business problems for employees. 

The Valmont Customer Connector handled a tremendous amount of data, automatically communicating real-time order status on any device. Consistent, automatic email and text notifications established the Connector as a true virtual assistant and a trusted tool. The Valmont team felt connected at every stage of the order process.

Content and communication

ChatGPT’s biggest benefit and drawback for marketing professionals has been article creation. Copywriters potentially can go from generating two to three articles a day to maybe seven or eight. Just run ideas through ChatGPT, then edit and validate the AI-drafted article. 

This will become the new normal in AI content development. Anyone can assemble a writing team and act as managing editor with their particular perspective, expertise, and tone of voice.

Creative output will exponentially grow and evolve at the same time. Creators who are not technically proficient but have a clear vision can now execute on that vision. They can build it with tools rather than a full team. 

How we implement AI in your business

With AI projects, our clients come to the table with their vision, goals, and success metrics in hand. We provide the digital team to strategize on the best ways to build and design the application, develop, and launch. That vision can grow over time, continually optimizing and fine-tuning the application and large language model to improve the AI over time and with use.

We guide our clients’ approach and validate their aspirations. They want to get to the top of the mountain and celebrate that success. When it comes to new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, we work with our clients to help clear a well-trodden path to unlocking business value with AI.

We’re very research-driven, but we’re also very nimble when it comes to sussing out a concept, validating quickly and proving the concept, then building the layers around it.

A big space to play

Dom & Tom has a long tradition of building out experimental technologies. We did this with connected technology for IOT devices for Samsung, Bluetooth connectivity, massive data visualization for Turner Launchpad, and countless others.

One of the most exciting things about AI is that it’s a big space where the whole developer community is contributing – finding new, inventive, and useful ways of integrating AI into the technology ecosystem.

We have a very optimistic worldview of AI. Over the decades of working in this space, we think any new breakthrough technology has allowed humanity to do things logistically, socially, and economically that were mere dreams just a few years back. We stay on the cutting edge, and our clients rely on our digital expertise to drive their businesses forward in new and innovative ways.

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