New email service providers like HEY and Superhuman are drawing business professionals away from Gmail with features tailored to the executive’s busy digital life. 

With over 1 billion users, Gmail is the most popular email service in the world. It is both easy to use and available to anyone for free. It’s a great service with a sleek design and lots of customizable options.

Gmail caters to the demands of people across all categories, including both business and consumer users. It’s a catch-all platform.

HEY and Superhuman created their email services with the business professional in mind. They are geared towards improving some of the best things about Gmail while making the natural flow easier for professionals. 

Designing Email for Business

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Both are email platforms built to streamline your email flow and save time on creating and responding to emails. They include a variety of features missing in Gmail that improve the overall experience. 

Screening & Filtering Emails

HEY introduces a new landing page, called “The Screener”; Superhuman has a landing page that filters all emails into separate tabs. These pages allow you to designate which email addresses you want to come through and screen out the noisy emails that waste time. They also allow you to unsubscribe from emails without needing to go through extra steps like confirming the unsubscription on an external site. 

At these pages, you can designate where emails land based on priority level. For HEY, they will land in one of three places: 

  • Imbox – Important emails that can’t wait
  • Feed – Casual emails you can scroll like a social media feed
  • Paper Trail – Confirmation numbers, receipts, etc. 

Once in, HEY stresses appearance while Superhuman emphasizes functionality. 

Speed & Efficiency

Superhuman works at 3x the speed of Gmail and connects threads automatically with hotkeys and customizable shortcuts. For HEY, you can use preset hotkeys and update filter settings.

Superhuman allows you to organize emails and respond quickly with custom shortcuts. It lets CEOs and executives reroute information and meeting requests with a couple of keystrokes. (This magic feature does not exist to the same extent in HEY.) Superhuman saves time for the user, while HEY enables a friendly look and feel with improved functionality. 

Superhuman is designed for the executive who cannot spend all day replying to each email when they average almost 3 emails per minute in a given day. HEY provides the user with a relaxed flow while saving time. 

Gmail is Free, But How Much is Your Time Worth?

SuperHuman is invite only and, at $360/year, has a steeper price. But the time saved using it will exceed the higher up-front cost. How much more could you earn if you spent less time sorting through your inbox?

At $99/year, HEY is like Superhuman Lite. It is open access and does not require an invitation to join. HEY also protects privacy and shields other websites from gathering information about you through email. 

Overall, HEY can help you refine emails and filter in real time. To take it to the next level, Superhuman’s hotkey shortcuts and faster screen loads will save an executive those valuable seconds of their nonrenewable resource, time. 

If you spend way too much time on email each day, it’s worth asking if your email service is the best email for your business.


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