We are excited to announce the launch of a new website this week. The new website is designed to highlight UX/UI design, breadth of product and collaboration with clients and best-in-class functionality with Dom & Tom’s signature user experience.

“When my brother, Tom, and I founded Dom and Tom nearly ten years ago, we committed to co-innovating with customers and staying ahead of emerging technologies. We wanted to do all of this while living our motto, ‘Do Good. Be Good.’” says Dominic Tancredi, co-founder and chief executive officer of Dom & Tom.

Dominic and his twin brother, Tom Tancredi, founded Dom & Tom as a digital product agency specializing in web development, iOS and Android app development, blockchain, and digital innovation. “To ensure that a website stays relevant, we recommend that clients reassess their messaging and websites every two to three years. We’re following our own advice,” says Tom Tancredi, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Dom & Tom.

Dominic further expanded, saying, “Tom and I had fun being our own client. During a brainstorming session, our team gently reminded us that one of our best pieces of advice was ‘listen to the experts’”

Dominic Tancredi added, “Collaboration is a beautiful thing. I’m proud of the way that our team worked together to build a site that represents engagement of all functions across our agency, showcasing the talent we invest in our clients and partners every day.”

For more information, check out the press release and contact us today!

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