Business of Apps, a website providing app industry news, analysis, insights, data & statistics for app industry professionals recently included Dom & Tom on their list of top app developers in Los Angeles.

While Silicon Valley (Northern California) is widely known as the tech capital of the world and Hollywood is known as the entertainment capital of the world, many don’t realize how quickly the tech industry has grown in Los Angeles over the last few years.

With big-name companies, like Google, Netflix, Space X, Snap and a host of exciting startups such as Tinder, The Honest Company, Wag! and Ring setting up shop in Los Angeles, it’s no wonder the nickname Silicon Beach is catching on and becoming known as a secondary tech hub to its northern sister.

It looks like Los Angeles is becoming known for more than just swimming pools and movie stars. Luckily, Dom & Tom knew this tech boom would happen, and we have been working on expanding our Downtown Los Angeles office and are ready to help your business succeed.

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