Kicking the year into high gear, our talented design team, composed of visual and experience designers, created a free, downloadable mini-calendar featuring illustrations based on our original robot logo.

We often describe Dom & Tom as the intersection where technology meets humans. Our design team fully embraced that concept and produced their own seasonal robot creations. Each month features an original robot by one of our talented designers. Below are a few of our favorites with their sources of inspiration:



“It’s March! And you know it’s time for spring cleaning! Corresponding to this year’s theme, I decided to illustrate an omnipotent cleaning robot, which takes care of all the chores from kitchen to garden.” – Yingyu Liu, Design Intern

“I had a spring month so I used a robot bird.” – David Bean, Director of UX

“My kids love robots and also like to draw so I thought it would be cool to let them illustrate my part of the calendar, include them, and let them see their artwork in print for the first time. They had such fun and are super proud of their drawings. They have the calendar proudly displayed in their room.” – Kirsten Sorton, Senior Product Designer

“I chose September and knew from the start that I wanted to make a dragon robot. I wanted it to look serpentine yet mechanical, and done in flat style of the Dom & Tom logo.  I kept the colors warm to reflect the transition from summer to fall that happens in September, and I like to think the end result is our two-headed robot’s pet lizard.” – Amy Hudson, Sr. Product Designer

Download your own Dom & Tom calendar!

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