DevOps is not just hosting set up.

It’s the practice of building distributed systems that are scalable, performative, and secure.

Our mission is to create, monitor, and maintain the infrastructure that powers your digital platform. Our DevOps team reduces the systems development lifecycle, by creating efficiencies in the deployment lifecycle on both mobile and web applications.  

With both network and application performance monitoring tools, our team maintains a high degree of integrity for the stability and security of your system. We partner with data science and marketing teams to ensure quality metrics are gathered and facilitate data-driven insights. 

Dom & Tom brings their decade of technological expertise towards providing premier hosting to our clients.

//  Increased deployment frequency

//  Shorter time to market

//  Lower new release failure rate

//   Faster recovery time with issues

//  Faster & softer system recovery

DevOps Services

Website Hosting 

Application Hosting

Code Updates

DevOps Monthly Maintenance

Service Monitoring

Database Management

Support and Maintenance of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Enterprise Solutions

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